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This function allows students to submit report assignments. Please note that there is no automatic scoring function. The reports can be submitted in two formats: file submission or input form.

    1. Click the “Content Management” in the sidebar.


  1. Click the “Report Assignment” from the operation menu (+ mark) in the upper left.

  2. Select how to submit report assignments. You can choose “Web input”, “File upload”, or both. If you select “File Upload”, you can select an extension that can be uploaded. Extensions and applications that use them are as follows
    Extension Application Use
    xlsx Microsoft Excel
    docx MicrosoftWord
    pptx Microsoft PowerPoint
    pdf Acrobat
    dxf Microsoft Visio
    ods Open Office
    txt Text Edit
    zip Compression/Extraction Soft
    ai Adobe Illustrator
    psd Adobe Photoshop

    The extension that can be selected can be changed if you are using The Dedicated Server Plan. Please contact us if you have any requests.

  3. Enter any notes about the title and the report assignment.
  4. Complete by clicking the “Save”

Submit a Report

  1. Click the “Learn” in the sidebar.
  2. When you click on the report, a screen similar to the image below appears.
  3. If both submission methods were set when the assignment was created, a pull-down menu for selecting the submission method is displayed in the center.
  4. After setting the submission, click the “Submit” to complete.

Confirm the submission

  1. Click “Check Grade” → “Manage Report Grades” in the sidebar.
  2. As shown in the image below, “Submission Date”, “Report Name”, “Student Name”, “Pass / Fail”, “Score”, “Submission File”, and “Scoring” are displayed.
  3. Click on the “Download file” to download the file submitted by the student.
  4. Click “Grade” to score the report.
  5. Enter the number of points and select pass/fail.
  6. Enter any feedback and click the “Save” to complete.