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Shortcut Function

You can set up shortcuts to your contents to create multiple copies of the same content. You can set up the shortcuts on a per-folder and per-content.

How to Use Shortcut Function

Please sign in to your learningBOX account and go to Manage Contents.

1. Set the shortcut to the folder you want to create the copy.

2. Click on the gear button of the folder and go to “Create Shortcut”.

learningBOX-Shortcut Function-2

3. This is what it looks like when you click “Create Shortcut”.

4. Open the folder to see the content inside. You will see the shortcut icon is surrounded by the red frame for the content with the shortcut.

Shortcut Function-learningBOX-1

5. The data size of the content with shortcut does not increase. (The grade of the original content and the contnet with shortcut will be saved separately. )