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From learningBOX 2.6.0, you can create the Show/Hide Workbook.
Also, from learningBOX2.7.4, you can display the capture rate by checking the Show/Hide Workbook that you have learned.

You can easily create an explanation page from the “Show/Hide Workbook Question Creation Form”.

How to use

1. Click “Create→ Create” from the operation menu (+) in the upper left.

2. The Show/Hide Workbook Creation Form is displayed, so enter the title and screen content. Items in the input field are displayed as a single page. You can add up to 20 pages.

3. If there is no issue, click Save and Publish on the upper right. The range that can be displayed is fixed, so if you put a lot of information on one page, the lower part will not be displayed. Please be careful.


4. The actual learning screen is as follows.
By checking the words you remember, the capture rate is displayed and saved in the grade. The capture rate can be reset by clicking “Try Again” or deleting the grade.