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HTML learning contents can be created from learningBOX2.5.0.


There is a request to “make an explanation page easily” from before, although the only way to make an explanation page is only by PDF, and you need to create the page separately with word or PowerPoint and then converted to PDF and uploaded.

From learningBOX 2.5.0, you can easily create an explanation page from the HTML teaching content creation form.

How to use

  1. Click “Web Page” in the sidebar.

2. The web page creation form is displayed. Please fill in the title and create your own web page. Images can also be inserted.
You can add a web page with “Add Page” in the orange frame. You can add up to 20 pages.
* Since the range that can be displayed is decided, when a lot of information is put on one page, the lower one is not displayed. Please be careful.