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About the Grades on Video Contents

Your grades on the video content will be sent like the following.

learningBOX‐Grades on Video Contents

Not Learned

If learner just open the video content and has not clicked the play button, the video content is unlearned. Log in with your Student A account.


Open the video content and click the play button. If you do not watch the entire video and close it, the system determines it as ongoing learning. If the learner watches the video and has 15 seconds left, users will be recognized as his/her learning is complete.


Open the video and click the play button. When the learner watches the video until 15 seconds left, the learner is considered to have completed his/her learning.

How the Grades of the Video Content will be Displayed

Sign in to learningBOX and go to “Manage Grades”.

Manage Grades for Video Contents‐learningBOX

How the Grade for the Video Content is Displayed.
Manage Grades for Video ContentsーlearningBOX