• Learning Content Setting Excluded from Constraint Conditions

From learningBOX2.4, you can set contents that disable constraint condition .


1. Log in to learningBOX and click “Content Management” on the sidebar or “Content Management” in the red frame on My Page.


2. Content management-> Right-click the content you want to ignore the constraint condition, or click “Edit” on the right.
Click the red frame “Exclude from Constraint Condition” in the image below.


3. A screen that is not included in the learning order will be displayed, so click “Enable” in the red frame and save.



4. The set learning contents are displayed as shown in the red frame in the image below.



5. On the “Learn” screen, “Learning is optional” is displayed. Students can proceed to the next quiz by simply viewing video without viewing PDF.



6. If you browse the video, you will move on to the next quiz.
Please use this according to the purpose.

* This function can only be used on the same level.