Edit Wording

Edit Wording

Edit wording of “Start Capture”, “Overcome Weakness” and “Randomize Questions” in the red frame of the above image, and to edit the wording on the result screen, the wording change function has been implemented.


[player url=”custom_lang.zip” label=”” explanation=”Edit Wording”]

How to use

1. At first, click here to purchase a license.
Edit the wording requires a license.

2. Then you need to change, download custom_lang text file.

3. Open the downloaded custom_lang.txt.

Text Edit Screen

Excel Screen

You can change the corresponding wording by changing the wording entered on the right side.


4. Enter “#custom_lang: true”, “#email: ***”, and “#key: ***” in the question file options.

5. Combine the problem file and custom_lang.txt into a zip file.

6. Upload the zip file to the conversion tool and change the wording as shown in the image below.