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Option Value

We recommend using these options when creating the One-time Test, such as school exam or certification exam.

  1. #mode: normal In Quiz Generator, the master mode of practice mode that records the achievement rate over and over is set by default. When using for testing, it is recommended to use the normal mode without the achievement rate recording function.
  2. #show_instant_result: false by default, Quiz Generator is set to perform correct / incorrect judgment for each question. In the case of the use in the test, I think that it is rare to make a right/wrong judgment for each question at any time, so it is recommended to use the option for scoring together.

About how to set option values and other optional items, @lease see here.

Set the No. of Attendance Restriction

You can create the One-time Test like a school test or a certification test.
Once the question is closed, it is hidden from the question list.

  1. Click “Content Management” in the sidebar.
  2. Add learning contents from the operation menu (+ mark) in the upper left → Click “Import Question”.
  3. Click “Select File”, select the created question and click “Save”.
  4. Click “Restrict” in the edit to the right of the question list.
  5. Set the number of attendance limit to “1 time” and click “Save” to complete. (The number of attendances can be set from 1 to 10 times.)
  6. Once you have answered the question, a warning message like the image below will be displayed the next time.