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Grade Management Screen

Click “Grade Management” in the sidebar or “Grade Management” on My Page (inside red frame).

Explanation about Grade Management Screen


Red Frame: You can view your grade by Your Score/ List / By Question.
Blue Frame: Scores can be filtered and showed by learning content folder or learning content inside of the folder.
Green Frame: Scores can be displayed for each type of quiz.
Orange Frame: You can display the scores by group or by individual within the group.
Yellow Frame: Scores can be displayed with filtering the display period.
Purple Frame: Scores can be displayed for each learning staus.


  • Green Line: If you tick it, only unlearned learning content is are displayed, so you can identify users who have not accessed the learning contents.
  • Yellow Line: If you tick it, only the report, still being scored, will be displayed, which is useful for scoring.


  • Red Frame: The displayed scores can be extracted as CSV.
  • Green Frame: You can select the score you want to delete.
  • Blue Frame: Deletes the selected scores.
  • Yellow Frame: You can check the score details and score the report.