• Karte Function

Karte Function

With learningBOX, you can easily check how much each student is learning every day and how far they are progressing. Administrators can check the learner’s learning time and learning frequency frequently. Using Karte function, it is visualized based on graphs and grade data such as how much students are studying every day and what kind of quizzes are handled good and bad.

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Features of the Karte Function

The Karte Function is largely divided into “Learning Transition” and “Learning Progression” (red frame) .

Learning Transition
You can check the number of leanings and the required time for a specified period on a graph.
Study Progress
You can check the total number of learning such as status (progress).

Let’s take a look at an example of using the Karte function

Karte function is recommended for such customers!

Operators who run the cram school
・ Repetion of learning and time of each person can be graphed with user’s data. Students’ learning status can be checked at a glance.
・ By using Tag Function, you can find out the “strong and weak subjects” of students in more detail
・ It Can be used as individual learning measures and self-analysis based on learning status and grade data

Companies Focusing on Employee Training
・ You can check the training progress of each employee
・ By using the tag function, you can check employee’s knowledge acquisition and lack of knowledge in more detail
・ It also can be expected as a content to judge the suitability and character of employees based on employee performance data and learning situation

School staff who focus on academic success and exam qualification
・ You can evaluate, correct, and take measures for learning methods based on learning progress and status
・ By using the tag function, both the learner and the instructor can discover each other’s “strength and weakness”
・ Based on individual learning progress and performance data, school-specific pass criteria (indexes) can be set

About Tag Function

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▼What is the Tag Function
By entering and setting “keywords” for quizzes and quizzes created with QuizGenerator and learningBOX, you can classify the quizzes more finely. It can be set freely according to the purpose and application, such as “fields, subjects, and quizzes”. Here, Content management of learningBOX → Enter and set from the quiz creation form.

▼How to do the Tag settings
e.g)Math Question with Tag Question

Tag Setting

Complete the tag setting

Set the Multiple Tags

The tag is seen from the Learning screen

▼You can check mathematical quizzes with Tag Here.

Tag as being seen from the Karte function screen
learningBOX sidebar [Select the chart function] → [Select the member you want to see the chart and click the details] → [Tag list]


Benefits for Administrators
▼ Evaluate and analyze learners’ weak areas with numerics
▼ Analyze and scrutinize knowledge retention and their understanding
▼ Useful for reviewing learning environments and methods and improving approaches
▼ Based on the grade data, you can more specifically evaluate the level of understanding of the learning contents, the difficulty of the test, and the way teachers teach.

The Karte Function allows you to analyze the student’s record information in more detail. By graphing and digitizing the student’s performance, learning status, and progress, “at a glance” Individual learning status can be grasped, and it is revolutionary.
You can make more detailed and concrete data on the quiz and quiz for both the learners and the instructors, such as how to proceed with learning, the clarity, achievement, and difficulty of the learning content. You can understand how much you are doing every day and what kind of quiz you are not good at in detail. The data and information collected by the Karte Function can be expected to be useful as learning contents for extracting and examining specific measures, quizzes, and quizzes by both learners and administrators.