• Learn Your Contents

Learn Your Contents

You can check the content you are assigned on the “Learn Contents” screen.

How to Learn Your Contents

1. Sign in to your learningBOX account and click on “Learn Contents”. Click here to check the content you have been assigned.

e-learning - learn your contents

2. The contents will be displayed.

learningBOX-learn contents

3. Click the contents.


4. The appearance of the PDF content.

Open PDF Contents-learningBOX

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. I can’t see the content I created.
  • A. You need to assign the content to yourself. You are not only to create content to display the content on your page but also you need to assign the content. In the “Manage Contents” screen, you need to put the file with your content data in a folder, and then select the group you want to assign the content by “Edit” on “Folder” by right-clicking the content.

    For more details, please check the “Allocate the Contents per Group” page.