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Change the Groups and the Members Assignment

There are several ways to change a member’s assignment. First, log in and click “Member Management” in the sidebar or the red frame on “My Page”.



Changing Groups Individually

Click the group of the member whose assignment you want to change. When you select members, the Member Edit screen is displayed.
Check the group you want to change to the “Groups” framed in the red and save. (Users can belong to multiple groups.)



Belong Multiple Members to the Same Group

Select the group you want to change from the Member Management. Check the member you want to change to the red frame checklist. → The “Change Member Assignment”, “Release Member Assignment”, and “Delete” buttons in the blue frame are displayed.




When you click “Change Assignment”, the following screen is displayed. Since the location of the new member group in the red frame is a pull-down type, Select the assignment you want to change and click “Change” to complete.



Change Multiple Groups to Separate Groups

Select the group you want to change from the Member Management. From the menu button (+ button), click “Bulk Operation (CSV)” → “Download Members”.



Open the downloaded file, describe the group of members you want to change as shown in the red frame, and save it.

Click the menu button (+ button) in “Group List” at the Member Management, and select “Bulk Operation (CSV)” → Register/Update Members.

Select the file created earlier from “Select File” and click “Upload and Proceed to Confirmation Page”.


When uploaded successfully, it will be displayed as shown in the image below. Confirm that it has been modified, and click “Register” to complete.


* When you change the assignment and “Register Users in Bulk” if you register from the management group that downloaded the member,
 Please note that groups other than management groups are ignored and cannot be registered.