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Give Permissions to Members



There are permissions such as “Group Management “, “Learning Content Management”, “Grading Management”, “Learning Content Assignment”, and “Administrator”.
You can give the authority to the registered members.

Unauthorized members are displayed as shown in the red frame above.
If you give the permission, it will appear as a blue frame.
When an unauthorized member logs in, only “Learn” and “Grade Management” are displayed as shown below.

Click “Grade Management” to display only your grades.

Group Management Permission

Permission to invite/edit members and create/edit groups.


When you give “Group Management Permission”, “Member Management” is displayed on the user’s “My Page”.


Content Management Permission

Permission to create/edit quizzes and create/edit folders.


If you give the permission to content management, “Content Management” will be displayed on the user’s My Page.


Grade Management Permission

Permission to check not only your grades but also the grades of other users.


If you grant grade management permission, you can view other users’ grades.


If you press “Grade Management”, the grades of all users invited by the administrator will be displayed by group, individual, and quiz.
e.g) Screen where Student B’s logs in and browses the test user’s grades

Content Assignment Permission

Content Assignment Function has been implemented from learningBOX2.5.0.

This function assigns a specific quiz folder to a specific user and a specific group.

If a certain educational content sales company has contracted with multiple companies, a group is created for each company, and company employees are assigned to them. Each company is divided into several groups, such as the sales department and the development department, and only this problem is assigned to the sales department, and only another problem is assigned to the development department. Such a function.

It is a function that assigns the contents to the group in charge.

In the image below, “Ichirou” will be able to assign “Development Procedures” and “Basic Research Contents” to the “Research Group” and “Groups within the Research Group”.

However, the assignment cannot be performed unless “Group management permission” is set.
The image below shows a “research group” with “group management authority”.

Only the research groups are displayed in the group list. Click the hat icon surrounded by a red frame to display the modal of the content assignment.

Only “Development Procedures” and “Basic Research Contents” are displayed. Check the contents you want to assign and click Save to complete.

More detail settings

You can set more detailed permissions than learningBOX 2.1.0.
For each user, you can edit only a specific folder, and check the grades of members in a specific group.


Click on the group management permission for member management opens a modal where you can set the permission in the pull-down format.

With group management authority, you can invite and edit members only to the set group. If only one group is authorized, you cannot move members to another group.


With content management permission, you can edit and create learning content only in the set folder.



With Grade Management Permission, only the grades of the learning contents in the configured folder of the set group can be checked.


Management Permission

From learningBOX2.7.4, the administrator authority function has been implemented.
With this function, you can grant permissions and edit mail templates that could not be done without logging in with an administrator account until now.

There are four administrative permissions, each of which can be set.
“Administrate Permissions”“Manage Notification”” Edit Mail Template”” Access to Setting Page”.