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Invitation Mail Settings

When you register a member, you can set the content of the email sent to the set email address. You also do not send the Invitation Mail.
Turn on/off the switch if you do not want to send the Invitation Mail.

1. Log in as an administrator or a user with email template editing privileges, and click “Administration” in the side menu.



2. Select email settings.


3. If you do not want to send the Invitation Mail, please change the red frame to “Not Sent”.

Edit Invitation Mail Content

1. Click the + button to create a new Invitation Mail.
Click the yellow list button to edit the created Invitation Mail.

2. Click the list button to display the “Invitation email template settings” screen. Click the edit button in the red frame below.


3. Edit the Invitation Mail within the red frame. A preview of the mail that is actually sent is shown in the blue frame. The name of the user displayed is automatically displayed as “Information about User Added at the First” for the testing purpose. You can add the information you want to use for the Invitation Mail with the pull-down and add button in the green frame.

4. Click the “Send Test” to send an email to the administrator. The name of the user at this time is also automatically displayed as the first user information for testing.

5. Click “Overwrite” if there are no problems. Please be assured that the email text sent to the user when you actually invite a new user will be sent to the new user information registered at that time.