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Mail Template

With learningBOX, you can automatically send an email to the email address that you set when you register a member, when report submission is completed, report scoring is completed, or once restricted learning is completed.
You can set the content of the email that will be sent, or you can choose not to send an invitation email.

Please turn off the switch when you do not want to send mail.

Edit Email Contents

Click “Email Template Settings”.

A list of email templates is displayed. Click the New + button on the right side of the email template whose contents you want to change.
You can prepare multiple templates for the invitation email, and you can specify the invitation email template you want to send when sending it.
Edit the template with the yellow gear button and restore the default with the red button.

Enter the template name. Edit the invitation email within the red frame. A preview of the mail that is actually sent is displayed in the blue frame. The name of the user displayed at this time is automatically displayed as “First User Added Information” for testing purposes. You can add the information you want to use for the invitation email with the pull-down and add button in the green frame. In the yellow frame, To, Cc, Bcc can be set in addition to the invitation email. Multiple email addresses can be set by separating them with a comma.



Click the “Send Test Mail” to send an email to the administrator. The name of the user at this time is also automatically displayed as the first user information for testing purposes.

If there is no concern, click “Create New”.


You can set an email template that will be sent to the newly created invitation email at the location of the image below.