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Invite Multiple Members

  1. Click the + mark on the upper left of the member management screen, and click Bulk operation (CSV) → “Register/Update Members”.
  2. Click the “Download” button under CSV format sample download.
  3. Fill in the downloaded file according to the format, and save the file. [File immediately after download]
    [File which is filled with items]

    To belong to multiple groups, enter || after the group name, and then enter another group name.
    When belonging to a hierarchical group, enter >>> after the group name, enter the group name under the hierarchy.
  4. Select the member list file you saved earlier and click “Upload and Proceed to Confirmation Page”.
  5. If there is an issue, an error is displayed. Correct the CSV data to solve the problem.
  6. After confirming whether the registration details are correct, click “Register”.
  7. If “Registration completed successfully” is displayed, registration is succeeded.