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Manage Notifications

  • From learnigBOX2.7.4, when posting on “Notice”, you can specify and display only specific groups, and notify the specified group by e-mail.

How to Use

1. Click “Management Function” on the sidebar.

2. Click “Notification Management”.

3. Click “New Registration” in the upper right corner.

4. Register/Edit modal opens.

● If you check “Enable”, it will be displayed in the notification on My Page.
● By checking “Email notification”, it is possible to notify by e-mail that it will be displayed in the notification to the set group.
● You can set a link in the announcement by entering the URL in “Link URL (optional)”.
● You can reserve the time to display the notice by inputting “Notification Start Date”.

●● You can filter the notification destination by “All members” or “Specific group”.
You can change the content of the announcement according to the group.


5. Enter “Contents” and click “Save” to complete.



● It is added to the list and displayed on My Page.