Example Use for Exam

Introducing options for creating questions and setting examples on the Management screen when using learningBOX for regular exams.

Option setting as a test

By entering option values when creating a question, you can set a format like a paper-based test.

#passing_score:Enter the passing score in half-width numerics
#time_limit:Enter the number of seconds as a single-byte numeric

Options are set as follows from the top.

・ Display questions in the order in which they were created
・ Set passing score
・ Specify time limit in seconds
・ Scoring in bulk
・ Create question in normal mode
・ Move freely between questions
・ Take question only once


Setting on learningBOX

1. Register the question with the above options.
Right-click on the created question or click Edit on the right.
Click “Attendance Restriction” or click on the icon for the number of blue frames in the image.




2. The number of attendance can be set from 1 to 10 times or unlimited. By setting it once, it can be distributed once as in the test.
The interval limit (time) sets the interval from once taking a course until it can be taken again. Set the time unit (up to 720 hours).
If it is 0, you can take the course again without any gaps.




3. In “Learn”, the number of times set for the repetition limit will be displayed for the question.


4. If you study the one-time access question and you open the same question the next time, the message “Maximum No. of Attendance” will be displayed and you will not be able to study.

Set More Details

By setting the start time of the test, you can access the content more like a test.

1. Create a folder and transfer the question into the folder.



2. Right-click the folder and click “Set Access Period”.


3. You can enter the start date and end date. You can also specify the time with units in 1 minute.

Folders are not displayed except during the Access Period. You can continue to answer questions even after the Access Period has passed.