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How to use it in a class

Here are some examples of how to use learningBOX for classes.

1. Create web pages, video contents, and tests.


2. Click “Add Constraint Bar” from the operation menu.
Drag and drop on the sample quiz or quiz. You will not be able to take a quiz until you have read and answered the “Glossary”, “Teaching PDF”, and “Lecture Video”.

The following is displayed from the “Learn” screen. If you do not learn three contents, you cannot proceed to the next content.



3. In addition, a certificate of completion will be displayed only to those who have passed the quiz and report assignments. Click “Certificate” from the operation menu to create a certificate.
Then click “Add Constraint Bar” from the operation menu again. Drag and drop on the certificate of completion.
Click on the moved Constraint Bar and select “If you pass the contents up to here, you can proceed to the next”.

On the “Learn” screen, the following is displayed.



4. Set the release period according to the start time. Right-click on the lesson folder or click “Details” on the right.
Click “Set Acess Period” and set the start time. In some cases, set the end time.