Set survey ID, tag, and option number

You can check the ID, tag, and option number from the survey details.

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From 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16 or later, survey ID, tag, and choice number settings have been added.How to Use


How to set tags and question IDs when creating a survey

Terms of UselearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher

01Open the content management screen

Go to "Content Management" > click the gear icon for the survey item > "Edit Survey".

02Set ID

Once the "Survey Design Form" appears, set the "Section ID" and "Question ID".
If left blank, the section ID will be automatically set to "s001, s002..." and the question ID will be automatically set to "q001, q002..." with sequential numbers when saved.

Only single-byte alphanumeric characters and ". Only "_" can be used.
You cannot duplicate other section IDs or question IDs.
You cannot set only some IDs. (Only enter all or leave all blank.)

03Set the tag

Set "Section Tag" and "Question Tag".

04Set the choice number

When you select "Select", "Multiple Choice", or "List" as the input format, you can set the choice number by separating the choice and the choice number with "::". If you don't set all the choice numbers, they will be automatically set as "1, 2..." when you save the file.
When it is set automatically, only the choice is displayed when editing again.

Only single-byte alphanumeric characters, "-", ". Only "_" can be used.
Cannot be duplicated with other choice numbers in the same question.
It is not possible to set only some of the options. (You can only enter all or leave all blank.)

05I can reset it.

If you want to reset the question ID or section ID, click the "Reset Question ID" or "Reset Section ID" icon.


Click "Save & Publish" and you're done.

How to check the section name and question ID

01Opens the score list screen

If you want to see the section name and question ID that the administrator has set up, click the icon in Grade Management > Survey Details.

02It is indicated in the upper right corner.

You can check the section name and question ID.

03Learners can also check

If a learner wants to check the section name and question ID, click Learn > the graph icon of the survey you want to check and the same page as above will be displayed.

How to create a CSV of survey details

01Open the Grades screen

If you want to create a CSV of the answer details of the survey and check IDs, tags, choice numbers, etc., click on the tab of "Grade Management" > "By Question".

02Create CSV of survey results

Click the item you want to create CSV, and when the total for each question is displayed, click [Create CSV] > [Create CSV for answer details].
You can also check it by selecting "Create Answer Summary CSV".

03You can check the ID, tag

When you open the created CSV in Excel, you can see the "Section ID", "Question ID", "Question Tag", and "Choice Number" that you set.

When retrieving grade details via API, you can check "Section ID", "Question ID", "Choice Number", "Section Tag", and "Question Tag".
You need to sign up for a paid plan to use this function. For more informationAPI linkage.

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