Dashboard function

You can choose which panels to display on the dashboard and set the details of each panel.

Available forlearningBOX Ver. 2.16 or higher/user authorized to access the settings page

Update History

Dashboard functionality has been added since 2021.11.17 / Ver. 2.16.

View the dashboard

For the button panel, the content displayed will vary depending on the permissions granted to the user.

01Owner administrator's screen

If you are the owner-administrator, all panels are displayed.

02Screen of authorized users

A button panel will be displayed according to the granted authority.
Example: If content management privileges are granted, the "Content Management" panel will appear.

03Unauthorized user screen

Only "Choose Course" and "Manage Grades" will be displayed.

Dashboard Settings

01Open the Dashboard screen

02Open the Dashboard Settings screen

Click on "Edit" in the upper right corner of the screen.

03Additional display items

When the "Dashboard Settings" window opens, click on "Add Display Item.

04Select panels to be added

Here, select the panel you wish to add to the dashboard.
After completing the settings, click "Add New".

▼ The displayed items will differ depending on your subscription plan.

【Curriculum List】
Shared server/design customization or dedicated server contract is required.

【Product List, Seminar List】
You need to sign up for EC Special License.

How to set the panel to add

01Button panel

You can set the design of titles, icons, links, text color, etc., and select the permissions to be displayed for each panel. You can also add new panels from the "Add" button.
*Up to 4 panels can be added.

02Total learning hours, consecutive learning days, number of badges acquired

Panel titles and icons can be set.

03Notification Panel

You can set the number of items to be displayed in the title, icon, and announcement columns.
In addition, the Operator's notices can be set to be displayed to users who are set in the "Authorization to display notices from the Operator" section.

04Learning chart in recent

You can set titles and icons, and add "30 days" and "90 days" to the display period of the study graph.
You can also change the graph format and graph color.
*If you select "line graph," you can also change the line thickness, point color, and point thickness.

05Course List

You can set the title, order of display, completion status of courses to be displayed, specify the category to which the course belongs, and the number of courses to be displayed.

06Curriculum List, Training List

You can set the title, display order, filter criteria, specify the category to which the curriculum or training belongs, specify the lecturer or organizer, display format, and number of items displayed.

07Product List, Seminar List

You can set the title, display order, filter criteria, specify the category to which the product or seminar belongs, specify the lecturer or organizer, display format, and number of items displayed.

After completing the settings for each panel, click "Save" in the upper right corner of the screen to finish.

How to edit a panel

01Edit added panels

Click the ︙ icon in the upper right corner of the panel to display the Edit, Duplicate, and Delete menus, which can be operated from here.

02Confirmation of mobile phone display

You can see how the dashboard appears on each of your computer and smartphone screens.
The settings are the same for each, but you can set the layout settings separately, such as the position and size of panels.

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