Curriculum function

Curriculum functions are available on shared/customized or dedicated serversThis service is available only to customers of


How to use the Curriculum function

Log in to learningBOX with an owner account or a user who has the authority to manage educational materials.
Once logged in, click on the arrow next to "Content Management" in the side menu.

learningBOX Curriculum Setup Procedure 1


Click Manage curriculum.

learningBOX curriculum setup procedure 2


You will be taken to the curriculum management page.
Scroll down and click "add" button.

learningBOX Curriculum Setup Procedure 3


From the curriculum registration screen, set the basic information required for registration, such as the curriculum code and title.
Please enter the curriculum code in single-byte alphanumeric characters.

learningBOX curriculum setup step 4


Next, click this icon to register the thumbnail image settings and course registration.

learningBOX curriculum setup step 5


Click the plus button to register an instructor.

Curriculum Setting Procedure 6


Select an instructor from the pull-down menu and click the "Add" button.

Curriculum Setting Procedure 7


After completing each setting, check [Publish] and click the save button.

Curriculum Setting Procedure 9


When you return to the curriculum management page, the curriculum will be added as shown below.

Curriculum Setup Procedure 10


If you look at the curriculum you set earlier from the curriculum list on the side menu bar, it will be displayed like this.

Curriculum Setting Procedure 11