Basic settings of the curriculum function

This new curriculum function has been added from learningBOX Ver2.14 or later.
This page introduces the basic settings of the curriculum function.

How to use the basic settings

Log in to the learningBOX with the owner account or Content management role holder account.
After logging in, click the arrow next to [Manage content] on the side menu bar.

learningBOX-Curriculum Basic Setup


Click Curriculum Settings.

Basic curriculum setting-learningBOX


The page moves to the Basic Curriculum Settings screen.

Curriculum function basic setting


Set the toggle switch to [On/Off] according to the customer's utilization scene.

Curriculum setting-learningbox


The display format and order of the contents can be set in detail here.

learningBOX - How to do basic curriculum function settings


Select your search settings and finally click the Save button to complete your settings.

Basic Curriculum Setting - e-Learning System