Setting the publication period for each group


You can set the publication period of the content for each group.

Update History

From 2021.11.17 / Ver2.16 onwards, the publication period setting for each group has been added.How to Use

How to specify the publication period of content by group

Available forlearningBOX Ver2.16 or higher

01Open the content management screen

*If you want to set a publishing period for the material directly under the document, click on the calendar icon under Content Management > Publishing Period

02Set the group and publication date.

Set the "Group", "Publication start date", and "Publication end date", and click "Save" to complete.

03Open the content management screen

If you want to set a publication period for the materials inside the Documents>Folder, click the gear icon of the material you want to set>Set material quota.

04Select a group

Put ✓ in the group you want to set the publication period, and click "Save".

05It will appear as a group choice in the publish period setting

If you have not set up a teaching material quota, you cannot select a group other than "All members" when you select a group in the publication period setting.

06Set the publication period

*Follow the steps to complete the settings if you want to set a publication period for the materials directly under the document.

How to specify the release period by group when creating a test

01Open the content management screen

Click on the "Content Management" > + icon.

02Create a test

Click "Quiz/Test" > "Create Test".

03Set the group and publication date.

Click the third "Publish Period Settings" and set the "Group", "Publish Start Date", and "Publish End Date". Click "Create" and you are done.
Only groups that have been assigned to the parent folder of the teaching material (test) to be created will be shown as options.

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