Manage content category

You can categorize the content you create.

Creating Categories

First, create a category.

01Open the content category management screen

Click on "Content Management" > "Content Category Management" in the side menu.

02Add Category

Click on "Add Category."

03Content Entry

First, enter the name of the category.
Next, upload the image file if you wish to set a thumbnail image.
If you would like to add a description of the category, please enter it in the "Description" field.
After completing the settings, click "Add" at the end.

04Display in content category management screen

The categories added in 03 will be displayed.

05Edit/delete categories

To edit/delete a category, right-click on the category and select "Edit" or "Delete".

06Creating Sub-Hierarchical Categories

To create a category at the child level of an existing category, right-click on the target category and select "Create New".

Content Categorization

Then set categories for content and courses/folders.

01Setting screen

Open the contents management screen and click on the file icon in the target contents, etc.

02Category Settings

Tick the category you wish to set and save.

03Display on the screen for selecting a course

When you open the screen for selecting a course, the categories you have set up will be displayed as shown in the image below.


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