Manage content category

You can categorize the content you create.

Available forlearningBOX Ver2.15 or higher

How to use the content category management function

First, create a category.

1. from the left side menu, click "Content Management" > "Content Category Management".
2. Click on "Add Category.
Content Category Management 1

3. Enter the name of the category.
 Also, if you wish to set a thumbnail image, please upload the image file.

Content category function-learningBOX settings

4. If you would like to add a description of the category, enter it in the space provided and click "Add" at the end.

How to set up the content category function


5. The category you set will be newly added.

learningBOX-Category settings


To edit or delete an existing category, right-click on the category and select "Edit" or "Delete".

Content Category Management 2


To create a category in a child level of an existing category, right-click on the category and select "Create New".

Content Category Management 3


A new category is created at the child level of the category.

Content Category Management 4


Set a category for the target

Open the "Contents Management" screen and click on the file icon in the target contents, etc.

Content Category Management5


When the "Set Category" window opens, tick the category you wish to set and save it.

Content Category Management6


How to check your content category

Click on "Choose a course" on the left side menu.

How to check your content category


The categories set in the content management screen will be displayed.

Category display function - Courses