Creating a questionnaire

Creating a questionnaire

With the learningBOX survey feature, you can easily give feedback to your learners on their training!


How to create a questionnaire

Step 1: Log in as the owner account of learningBOX or as a member who has the role to manage learning materials, and click Manage contents.

How to create a questionnaire


Step 2. Click the menu button on the content management screen.

How to use the survey function


Step 3. Click on Surveys -> [Create Survey].

learningBOX - How to use the survey function


Step 4. As the survey creation form opens, enter the items required for the survey such as "Theme, Title, Description".
Since this is a practice, I will use a standard theme.

elearning - Questionnaire


Step 5. Set the section name, question content, and survey response method according to your usage scenario.
If you want to make the survey mandatory, please check the required box.
If you check [Keep after submission], the answer you gave the first time will remain in your answer history from the second time on.

questionnaire function


Step 6. You can add a question item by clicking "+Add Question" at the bottom right.

Questionnaire function-learningBOX


Once the survey is complete, click [Save & Publish] in the upper right corner of the survey design form.
Click the Preview button to see the survey you have created in the Design Form.



Complete the survey

Learning - Survey function


When you open the survey, you will see something like this.

learningBOX-Make a survey


Answer the questions and click [Submit Survey] at the end to complete the submission.

LearningBOX - Questionnaire


When you submit, you will see a screen like this.

LearningBOX - Questionnaire


Once you have completed the survey, the status will change from Unlearned to Completed.

LearningBOX - Questionnaire