Creating courses

Setting a learning constraint

In learningBOX, you can set constraints on the contents.
By setting this, learners will not be able to proceed unless they complete or pass the content.
You can set prerequisites, such as leading learners to the next content when they pass a particular question.

We will show you the quiz listed in the initial sample contents of the learningBOX as an example.
This is a practice. Let's set the learning constraint which if you pass, you can proceed to the next step.

Learning control function-learningBOX


How to set a learning constraint

In this article, we will assume that you have created your quiz and certificate in advance.
1. Login to learningBOX and go to the content management screen. Next, navigate to the folder where you want to set the constraint bar.

Control functions - e-learning


2. Click "Control learning" from the operation menu (+ button) on the upper left >> Go to Add constraint.

learningBOX-Constraint conditions


3. By clicking, a constraint bar will be added.
We have 2 types of constraints. You can go to a next contents "if you answer/check all the contents up to here" or "if you complete all contents up to here".

Control bar settings


4. set the constraint bar "- - - - You can go to a next content if you complete all the contents up to here- - - -" between the content and the content.

learningBOX-Control bar


5. It will be shown like this. The content below the bar will be gray-out.

Course Study - Online Learning


6.It will be opened like this when the restriction set would be cleared.

Online Learning - Course Study