Shortcut function

Shortcut function

In learningBOX, you can set up a shortcut function for the contents you create. This feature will save you the trouble of creating multiple copies of the same content. Shortcuts can be set for each folder and content.

How to use the shortcut function

To get started, login to learningBOX and go to Content Management.
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Since this time is a practice, set up the shortcut function in the folder "For beginners" of the initial teaching materials.

learningBOX-Shortcut functions-1

Click the gear button on the folder and go to 【 Create Shortcut】.

learningBOX-Shortcut functions-2

3. Click "Create shortcut" and you will see this.

Shortcut function-learningBOX Shortcut function-learningBOX

4. Open the folder and check the contents inside. You can see the icon in the red frame on the teaching materials created by the shortcut.

Shortcut function-learningBOX-1

5. For materials created with the shortcut function, the capacity itself will not be increased. The original shortcut and the one created by the shortcut will be saved as two different materials.