Title Tag Optimization

From Ver 2.13 of learningBOX, thetitle tag optimization functionwill be added.
Prior to version 2.13 of learningBOX, the page title was set to a uniform subdomain site title.

With the development of the new feature, administrators will be able to track users' screen transitions with Google Analytics.
On this page, you can learn about title tag display optimization.

About Title Tag Optimization

Before version 2.13 of learningBOX, all page titles were displayed as "learningBOX" even if the screen transitioned.

learningBOX-Page title optimization


My page screen

In Ver2.13 or later, the site title|screen title will be displayed.

About Title Tag Optimization


Learn Contents

Site Title|Learn|Documents|Folder Name in that order.

Learn Contents


View Scores (Score Management)

Site title|Screen title will be displayed.

About Title Tag Display Optimization - Grade Management


View Scores (My Scores)
The order of the results is as follows: site title, score list, and the name of the material.

Title tag display optimization function


View Scores (List of Submitted Reports)
Site Title|Submitted Report List.

Grades Management - Title Tag Display Optimizer


View Scores (List of Certificates)
Site Title|Certificate List in that order.

title tag optimization function


View Scores (List of Certificates) ⇒ Score Details

title tag optimization function


View your scores (personal chart)

Title Tag Optimization



For all items except My Page, Study, and View Results, the [Site Title] and [Screen Title] will be displayed.

learningBOX - Display optimization function