Posting downloadable resources

attachment (e.g. to a file)

With this function, you can let learners download a variety of files as teaching materials. You can use the data by itself or compress multiple data into a zip file to make an attached file teaching material.

How to use attachments

1. Login to learningBOX and click Manage contents on the side menu bar.

learningBOX content features

2. Click "Attachment" from the operation menu (+ sign) in the upper left corner.


3. Enter a title name and select a file. Next, select the file (teaching material) that you want the customer to download, and finally click the Save button to complete the settings. Since this is a practice session, I've set it up to download the learningBOX image. If necessary, enter a description as well.


The attachment you have created will look like this to the learner.


5. Click on the attached file and click on the download button to download the learningBOX image.