About the test creation function

Using the Exam setting, you can easily set the limit of times you can attempt a content(exam) and set the release date and time. You can also display or hide the performance of learners during the test and the scores/details after the test.

This page will introduce how to use the test creation function (Create Test).

learningBOX-Test function

How to use the test creation function

Step 1: Log in to the learningBOX and click on Manage contents.


Step 2: Click the Plus button.

E-learning quiz


Step 3. Click Quiz/Test ▶ Create Test.

E-Learning - Making the Test


Step 4. The following screen will be displayed. Set the 3 items of Limit attempts, Exam setting, and Access period setting.

E-Learning - Test Creation


Procedure 4-1. Set the course restrictions.
If you set the course limit as 1 time, the course will be set to be taken only once, like a test.


* There areResume optionto take the test, you may suspend and resume the test until you have completed one session.

Work Step 4-2. Configure the test settings.
You can choose to hide or show the pass/fail and grade information of students according to your usage.

test function


Procedure 4-3. Set the publication period.

E-learning - Test function


Select the date and time for the start and end date of the publication. The time can be fine-tuned to every 10 minutes.

E-learning - administering the test


Select the date from the calendar and choose the time for the end date of the publication as before. When you are done, click the Create button to complete the settings.


Create a test from the quiz/test creation form

Workflow 5. Set the options.
After setting the three items described above, you can set the title and options.

Quiz - web exam


Set 【Show/Hide】 of the option according to your usage scene. If you click the ✖ mark on the right, the option item will be deleted.

eLearning - Creating Tests Made Easy


Work Step 6. Edit the wording.
Next, edit the wording that will be displayed to the player. Since this is a practice session, we have set the message on the start screen to "learningBOX Confirmation Test". You can easily change or edit the wording to your liking.

learningBOX - How to create a test function


Work Step 7: Create a quiz.
Now that you have set the course limits, test settings, publication period settings and options, the last step is to create a quiz for the test from the form.

You can learn more about how to make a learningBOX quiz with detailed images in this article.
Create a quiz

Quizzes made with the Create Test function will appear like this on the study screen.

Quiz - Test


If you set the limit of the number of times you can take the test at one time, you will not be able to take the test a second time.



Grayed out before the release start date ⇒ When set to [On], you cannot take the test before the scheduled release date of the test.

Create a learningBOX-test


If you set the grayout ⇒ 【 Off 】 before the release start date, the test will not be displayed. On the day of the test, the test will be displayed.

learningBOX-Publishing settings


About the Display of Grades

If the test settings "Change Pass/Fail/Score Waiting to Already Done" and "Hide Score/Details in the Grade Confirmation Screen" are set to [ON] as described in Step 4-2, the administrator will see the student's grade information (score and pass/fail), but the student will not be able to see his/her own grade information. The administrator will see the student's grade information (score and pass/fail), but the student will not be able to see his/her own grade information.

When a student's grades are viewed by an administrator account, the administrator will see the student's score, pass or fail.

learningBOX-Grade management-Testing


When you log in with the student's account, the scores will be private and the pass/fail decision will be shown as already taken. You will not see any test score information.

learningBOX - test functions - grade management