Setting distribution of folders to groups

Assigning Folders to Groups

Since this is a practice, let's assign a folder (Newbie Training) to Marketing, which we prepared in advance. Please see the capture video here.

1. Click on "Content Management" in the sidebar or the red box on the "My Users" page.
learningBOX-Content management-How to create a folder

2. Click the Edit or Assign Materials icon to the right of the folder you want to assign to the group.

3. By selecting a group to publish to, you can publish the questions in the folder only to the selected group.
learningBOX - Setting up teaching material assignments

4. The above completes the process.
Folders that are assigned to a group will change the color of the icon in the Group Sharing column.
Content Management - Assigning Materials

The selected issue folder will be visible only to the administrator and to members of the group selected in the group to be published.