Report Assignments

From Ver2.12, the content creator can set whether to resubmit the report assignment after the learner submits the report once.

When the version of learningBOX is upgraded to version 2.12, the system will automatically switch to the latest features even if you have not made any settings. Therefore, if you create or edit the report material before the upgrade, the appearance of the report material or the way of setting it up may be different from the way you used to use it after the upgrade. For more information, please see this article.
[Important] From version 2.12, the report function was modified.

This page explains how to use the report function in version 2.12 and later.



How to use the report function (administrator)

Step 1: Log in to the learningBOX and click on Manage contents.


Step 2: Click the Plus button.

E-learning quiz


Work Step 3: Click on the report assignment.

eLearning - Report Assignment


Step 4: Set up the content of the report assignment from the Create Form.
On: Cannot be submitted until after grading. After marking, the grader can choose whether or not to allow the submission to be resubmitted.
Off: As before, you can submit reports as many times as you like without waiting for a grade.

eLearning - Report Assignment


Work Step 5: Enter the assignment submission method and report details.

E-Learning System - Report Assignments


You can also set up attachments to match the content of your assignment.


Step 7: Enter a memo to the grader.

E-learning System - Report


Step 8: You're done, click Save and Publish.
This completes the administrator's configuration.

learningBOX-Report Assignment


How to use the reporting function (learners)

Since this is an exercise, log in with tatsuno-sample and submit your report.

Report Assignment - E-Learning System


Operation Procedure 1. When you click on a report assignment, the learner will be presented with the following



Step 2: Enter the contents of the report.
Clicking Upload File allows you to attach the material to the grader.

Report - LMS


Step 3: Click the Submit button to complete your report submission.

E-learning System - Report Assignment Submission


Step 4: After submitting a report assignment, the learner's status will be changed from unlearned to waiting for grading.

E-learning System - Report Assignment Function


Grading of Report Assignments

Log in as an administrator or an account with grade management permissions. Next, click View Grades [ > ] in the side menu bar.

learningBOX-Report Assignment

Procedure 1: Click on Manage Report Scoring.

Report Scoring Management-elearning

Step 2: Click the Grading button.

learningBOX-Report Grading

Step 3: Set up and enter your score, pass/fail, resubmit, and feedback. When you have completed your settings, click the Save button.

learningBOX - Grading of Report Assignments

Your report assignment is now graded.

Grading of Report Assignments-learning box


If the report assignment is unsuccessful (learner)

If a report assignment is unsuccessful, it is marked as "Failed and Resubmitted" above the content. If the grader has set it to not allow resubmission in step 3 above, only the failing grade will be displayed.


You can view your report assignment grade information and feedback from Grades Management.

learningBOX-Report Submission

Click the Details button.

You can find detailed information on the learners' grades for their report assignments. You can also see the feedback from the grader here.

Report Assignment - Feedback Content

If you want to resubmit an unsuccessful report, follow the same steps described above for using the report function (learners).
If you resubmit the report assignment, your status will change to fail or wait for grading.

Report Assignment - Resubmission

If the grader grades the report and sets the assignment as Pass, the learner's status will change to Fail/Standby => Pass.

E-learning System - Report Assignments - Resubmissions

If you resubmit the report assignment and pass it, this is what it will look like.

learningBOX-Report Submissions