Handwrite and submit report assignments

A new feature has been added to the [Report Issue] of the Content Management function.
With the development of new features, the handwriting board will appear in the report assignment submission method.

Learners can submit their own characters and illustrations as answers.
This page explains how to use the new handwritten image creation and submission feature for report assignments.
Available forlearningBOX Ver2.15 or higher

How to use the handwriting image creation and submission function

From the Content Management screen, click the Plus button and select [Report Assignment].

Report assignment-learningBOX


The Create Report Assignment form will be displayed.
Set Input Format>> Handwritten Input.

Report assignment form-learningBOX


Click Save and Publish in the upper right corner.

Report Assignment Form - eLearning


Your report assignment will look like this

Doing handwriting input - report assignment


When you have finished entering your handwriting, click [Submit] at the bottom right.

Handwritten Submission - Report Assignment


The handwritten submission is complete.

How to submit a report assignment by handHow to submit a report assignment by hand

The grading method for handwritten report submissions is the same as the previous report submission function.
※For more information, refer toReport Assignments.