Set the release period

How to set the release period (per folder)

With learningBOX, you can set the release period for the content you create. By setting the release start date and the release end date, you can make your content available for a limited period of time. We highly recommend this feature for customers who are thinking about certification exams and examinations.

This page explains how to set the release period per folder.

Set the release period.

Since this is an exercise, I'd like to use the initial materials in the learning box to set up a release period for the 'Experience a Sample Course' content.

Content - How to set the publication period

You can set the publication period in the content management screen of learningBOX.

Online Learning - How to set up a publishing period

Click on the gear button, and then click [Set Publication Period].

learningBOX - How to set the release period

Select the start and end dates and click Set.

Set the release period-learningBOX


Setting the release period-learningBOX

5. Finally, select Material Assignment and specify the group you want to publish. Since this is a practice session, we will assign all members to this group.

How to set the release period-learningBOX

The folder will not be visible except during the open period. You can continue to answer the questions after the open period.