Setting of teaching materials not included in constraints

Starting from Ver. 2.4 or later of learningBOX, you can set contents not to be included in constraints.
This function makes it possible to ignore constraints.

Setup Method

1. Login to learningBOX and click Content Management in the sidebar.

learningBOX-Constraint setting


2. Go to Content Management -> Right-click on the material you want to ignore the constraint on, or click "Edit" on the far right.
Click the red frame "Do not include in constraints" in the following image.

Setting constraints-learningBOX


Set the toggle switch to [On] and click the Save button to complete the setting.

Constraint setting-learningBOX


4. The set teaching materials will be displayed as the red frame in the following image.



5. On the "Learn" screen, "Learning is optional" is displayed.
Students can move on to the next question by viewing and studying the web pages and memorization cards without viewing the PDF materials.

Constraint setting - e-learning system


6. After viewing and studying the web page and memorization card, you can proceed to the next question.
Please use it according to the use.

eLearning - How to set constraints


This function can be used only in the same level.