Setting video playback to 1.5x speed

Play and watch videos at 1.5x speed

With learningBOX, customers can upload their own videos as learning materials and select from four different playback speeds: 0.5x speed, 1x speed, 1.5x speed, and 2x speed.

How to change the playback speed to watch

1. log in to the learning box-video and click Learn.

learningBOX - Learning

Click on the video materials you have registered.

Video materials-learning box

3.Open the video teaching materials and set the playback speed in the upper left corner. You can select the playback speed from 0.5x speed, 1x speed, 1.5x speed and 2x speed.

learningBOX-video materials-playback speed

Please make use of these settings to suit your needs.