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How to upload the quiz you made

This time, since it is a practice, we will create a selection of questions in text and upload it to learningBOX. It's easy to set up. Please watch the video below as a reference.

First of all, login to learningBOX.

learningBOX-Content management-How to create a folder

Here are the steps.
STEP1: Login to learningBOX.
STEP 2: Click on Manage contents.

Click the + button in Manage contents

Content Management - How to Register a Quiz

STEP 3: Select the quiz/test.
STEP4: Next, please go to [Upload quiz/test

Upload the quiz you have created

learningBOX-Content management-Uploading issues

STEP5: Enter the title.
STEP6: [Select File] -> Select the quiz you created.
STEP7: Click on the Save button to complete the process.

Notes on Uploading

The size of the file to be uploaded can be up to 30MB inFree Plan/Starter Plan.
Standard Plan: 500MB,Premium plan: 5GB.

  • There are five types of files that can be uploaded: text zip csv tsv xlmx.
    Uploading as zip is used to include images and audio. For more information, seeThis page
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