How to get people to take a one-time test

Using the content management features of learningBOX, you can easily create and administer one-time tests such as quizzes, mock tests, and regular exams on the web. To set up, follow the steps below.

Create a quiz to use for testing

This time, since it is a practice, the question format will be the same as the previous one, and I will make a test question to answer a simple prefectural office location.

Steps: 1) Login as learningBOX administrator and create a quiz from the content management page. Please refer to this video.

For more information on how to make a quizThis usage pageYou can also use the quiz generator in learningBOX to create your own quizzes.12 different question typesYou can create a quiz from

Setting the option value

Step: 2) Once you have created the quiz, the next step is to set the option values. Please refer to this video.

Set the option value for the test format.
For example, you don't want to indicate whether each question is answered correctly or not. You may also want to set a time limit. These problems can be solved by setting optional values.

#mode:normal(Mode: Normal)
Quiz Generator, the quiz generator in learningBOX, when used with its default settings, will "repeatedly record the achievement rate".
→It is set in the master mode. For test use, it is recommended to use in the normal mode without the achievement rate recording function.
#show_instant_result:false(Display of correct answers for each question: disabled)
If you are using the default settings, you will see the following message: "The system is set up to grade every question." If you are using it for testing, it is unlikely that you will be judging the correctness of each question at any time, so we recommend that you use the option for grading at once.
#shuffle_questions:false(Shuffle the order of questions: disabled)
If you are using the default settings, you will get the message "The questions will be displayed in random (true) order." This option value is recommended if you want the test answers to be solved in order.
#time_limit:_(Time limit: ___)
By utilizing the option value here, you can set the time limit.
#time_limit_mode:_(Unit of time limit: mode: total for the whole, mode: question for each question)
If you want to set the time limit for each question, use the #time_limit:_and#time_limit_mode:question The two are used together.

In addition to the above options, there are other settings such as scoring for each question and hiding the results of the test that the learner has solved. For more informationThe list of optionsPlease check fromAlso, please check this page.

Setting Course Count Limit from Content Management page

With this setting, once a learner has solved a question, they will not be able to solve it a second time. This allows you to create a one-time test, similar to a school test or a certification exam.

Step: 3) After setting the option value, you can limit the number of times you can take the course. Please see this video.

limit on the number of times a ticket can be issued
Set the number of times to "1" and click "Save" to complete. You can set a limit of 1 to 10 times. If you set the limit to 1 time, you can distribute the lesson only once, like a test.

Log in as a learner to take the real test!

I'm going to log in with the account of student A, not the learningBOX administrator, and take the actual test.

▼ Check out the video here!

When you log in as Student A, you will see that the number of times you can take the test is limited. As you can see when you solve the questions in this exam, you will see the following options: [Ordered questions, time limit, summary marking]. Once you have answered a question, the message "You have reached your limit of attempts. Once you have answered a question, the message "You have reached your limit for the number of times you can take this course" will appear and you will not be able to take the course a second time or later.

Test mode setting function

For example, you may not want to disclose the pass/fail status of a test immediately to the students, but you may want to disclose it at your company's timing. Or, you may want to tell the students whether they have passed or failed, but not their test scores or other details. The test mode setting function is a function that can respond to such various tests.

Web-based certification tests and exams online.

▼ Features include the following.
You can hide "Pass", "Fail" and "Standby".
After taking the test, the mark "Completed" should be displayed.
It is not possible to check the scores from the grade book.
The status, such as pass or fail, will not be displayed immediately after the completion of the test.

This feature makes it possible to use learningBOX to administer tests online as a standard feature.
Web-based certification tests and examinations, and online testing of internal exams such as entry-level and promotional examsWe hope you will use it in such places as
For details on how to set the test mode setting functionThis usage page for more information.