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Changed the wording of the player screen

You can change the words displayed on the player screen of the quiz. In the default settings, the words shown in the red frame in the image are 【Start Strategy】, 【Overcome Weaknesses】, and 【Review】. "In response to requests from users who want to change the wording or the notation on the result screen, a function to change the wording has been implemented.

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How to set the wording change

1. To change the words displayed on the player screen, you will need to sign up for a license.

Once you have purchased a license, download custom_lang.txt, which you will need to change the wording.
custom_lang.txt (37 downloads)

If you open the downloaded custom_lang.txt file, you will see something like this
Change the wording of QuizGenerator

You can change the corresponding wording by changing the wording entered on the right side.

We're just practicing.
[Start] => [Start].
Overcome weaknesses ⇒ 【 Wrong problems
[Review] ⇒ [From all problems]
The wording will be changed to

Open the custom_lang.txt file you downloaded and enter the text you want to change. 3.

learningBOX - change wording

4. Review the text in the same way as before, but change the wording and save it at the end.

Custom Lang-learningBOX

5. Add an optional value to the quiz to be uploaded.

Custom Lang-learningBOX-2

6. Put the quiz and custom_lang.txt you want to upload into a zip file; when you upload the zip file to the conversion tool, it will be generated with the modified wording.

Here's how to set it up from the web form

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