Embedding the Publicly Open quiz

Display it on your own blog or website.

The quiz feature on learningBOX allows anyone to create and publish quizzes. This page will show you how to embed your quiz questions into your blog or website.

E-learning - embedding public questions

How to embed a public question

From this page, click on the public questions in the sidebar.

eLearning - How to embed a quiz

Click on the open questions to view the quiz in the category/question list.

learningBOX - How to embed a quiz

Since this is a practice, I'm going to choose this one for practice.

eLearning - Embed the quiz in your blog

Click on the arrow button in the red frame as the quiz launches the player.

learningBOX-Quiz making

Click the icon in the red frame.

Quiz - Free

When you click on the icon, you will see the embed code, copy the code and embed it into your blog or website.

E-learning - quiz creation