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Key Points for Quiz Creation Form
Quiz creation can be done by using the quiz creation form. It is simple and easy steps once you try.

Here for instructions.
1. Go to Manage Contents
2. Click the blue plus button at the top -> Quiz/Test -> Create Quiz/Test
3. Enter a title.
4. Check the Options
5. Click "Edit quiz" and select a question format
6. Input questions, correct answers, wrong answers and explanations
7. Click "Back" and click "Publish".

We'll start by following the creation process.

Go to the quiz creation form

Login to the learningBOX.
1.Click "Manage contents".
learningBOX - problem creation
2. Click the "plus(+) button" at the top and select "Create Quiz/Test".
Online Learning - Quiz Creation
'Quiz/Test Creation Form' will be displayed.
Quiz Creation Form

Create quizzes on the quiz and test creation form

The number of questions and choices is editable, so please make as many as you want.
Create a quiz using the quiz creation form

  • 3. Enter a title (name)
  • 4. If you want to check the options, select"Show", if not, select"Close".
    Options include...

    ▼Start screen message
    This is the message displayed when you open the quiz

    ▼No.(Number) of quizzes
    If you don't set a value, all questions will be asked.

    ▼Quiz shuffle
    If Off, the questions are randomized from the first to the last.

    ▼Passing Score
    Passing Score. Default setting is 80.

    ▼Sound Effect
    If On, you will hear a sound when you answer the question.

    ▼Show correct/incorrect per question
    It is a correct / incorrect display. If Off, it won't show whether your answer is correct or not.

    ▼Add more options
    By selecting the options, you can configure various settings.

    For more options, click Option item list page  .



    5. Please select a question type.
    earningBOX - choose the format of the question

    Question formats

    ▼ Multiple Choice Questions (radio button)▼ Multiple Choice Questions (button)▼ Multiple MCQs(Answers)▼ Sequencing▼ True/false▼ Matching▼ Short answer▼ Multiple short answers▼ Short answer +▼ Fill-in-the-blank ▼ Report assignment/questionnaire ▼ Pull-down menu ▼ Multiple Choice Questions (image)13 different types of questions can be created.


    6. Enter question statements
    Quizzes - Question Creation


    (1) Write the question
    (2) Input the correct answer.
    (3) Input the incorrect answer(s)
    (4) Insert an explanation, if necessary. It is possible to add or delete answers, incorrect answers and explanations depending on the quiz format.
    Click (+ button) to add it.
    To delete it, click the (-) button.

    Content Management - Problem Creation

    To add a question, click the (+ button) and follow the same steps as above. To delete a quiz. click the (-) button.
    -Content Management Question Creation Form or Add Question


    7. Click the "Publish" button to finish and save the quizzes you made.

    learningBOX-Publish button


    Check the added questions

    1. Sign-in.
    2. Follow the same steps as in the "Quiz creation form" screen.
      Click on "Manage contents" in the sidebar.
    3. You can see that you have added the quizzes you created in the 'Manage contents' screen.

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