About saving a quiz in the quiz creation form

Starting from ver2.12 of learningBOX, a save button has been added to the quiz feature creation form. before ver2.12, there was only one save button in the quiz/test creation form, and clicking the save button will take you to the content management page.

The new "Save in progress" button in this version allows you to save quizzes frequently in the creation form.

E-Learning - Making a Quiz


How to use the Save button on the way

The new "Save in progress" button in the quiz feature allows you to save your quiz without leaving the form. Here we will show you how to use the Save button.

Step 1: Log in to learningBOX with an owner account and a member who has permission to manage the materials.
Click the Plus button in Content Management and go to Quiz & Test ▷Create Quiz/Test.

learningBOX-Save in progress button


Step 2: Create a quiz by opening the Create Form.

E-Learning - Making a Quiz

How to make a quiz is explained in detail on this page. ➡Create a quiz

Click the "Save" button to save the quiz in progress.

Quizzes - save and publish

Step 4. Click the OK button.

E-Learning - Saving quizzes in progress


Learn Contents

Quizzes - E-learning

When you open the content, you will see the quiz up to the point where you clicked the Save button.

Quiz - Save as button