Adding sections in a quiz/test

Create a sectional question from a quiz or test generator form

Section-based questions are divided into several sections (groups), and a specified number of questions are given in each section. By grouping the questions by difficulty level or by unit, we can avoid unevenness in the content of the questions.

This page will show you how to set up a section question using the creation form. When you create a section question, the quiz will be in Normal mode.

How to make sectional questions

Since this is an exercise, I will use three sections as an example. Open the Create form and click Section Settings.

Quizzes - Section Questions

Here are the section-by-section questions that we will be presenting.

Quiz on prefectural capitals
⇒Two quizzes will be given from the Tohoku region.
⇒Two quizzes will be given from the Kanto region.
⇒Two quizzes will be given from the Kansai region.
Question formats
⇒Selective question

1. Log in to learningBOX and open the quiz test creation form from Content Management. When creating a section question, the quiz mode must be set to Normal mode or an error message will be displayed. Go to Options Settings and set the quiz mode to Normal mode.

Quizzes - Online Learning - Normal Mode

2. After setting the options, click the section setting in the red frame.

Quizzes - Online Learning - Questions by Section

3. Click Set Section to add a section to the creation form. Enter the section name and the number of questions.

Online Learning - Making Section Questions

Once you have added the sections, you can now create your quiz. From Section-1, you can set questions for the Tohoku region. Once you have created and added questions, click the plus button.

Online Learning - How to Create a Section Question

5. Click the + button to add a new quiz. Click Section Settings as before, and enter a section name.

Sectional Questions - Online Learning

6. Enter the section name and the number of questions to add to the quiz.

Online Learning - Section Quiz

Follow the same procedure to add Section-3. When you are done, click the Publish button on the bottom right to complete the process.

Section Questions - Quiz

8. The questions you have created for each section will be displayed like this. There will be two quiz questions for each section.

Quiz - Make it EasyPlease note that the maximum number of questions and the option to randomize the order of questions will be disabled for Sectional questions.