Calling an optional template in the question creation form

How to set an optional template

The learningBOX allows you to set up optional templates. When creating a new quiz from the creation form, it can be annoying to select and set the same options each time.

Since version 2.4.0 or later, you can save the options you are setting and use the same options by recalling them next time. This page explains how to set up the option template.

What are options?

The quiz and test creation form in learningBOX makes it easy for first time users to set options such as time limits, randomization of the order of questions, scoring of passing grades, etc. The options that can be set in learningBOX can be found here. The options available in learningBOX can be viewed here.
List of options for learningBOX

How to set options

Since this is an exercise, we'll set up three optional templates: Mode, Passing Score, and Shuffle Choices.
1. Log in to learningBOX and click on the Content Management screen.
learningBOX - problem creation


2. Click "Create Quiz/Test" from the operation menu (+ sign) in the upper left corner.
Online Learning - Quiz Creation


3. The "Quiz/Test Creation Form" will be displayed.
learningBOX-Optional settings-1

4. Set the options as you would when creating a quiz.
learningBOX - optional settings

5. When you have finished setting the options, click Save Options in the upper right corner.

learningBOX-Optional template settings

6. Enter the template name and description, and finally click the Save button to complete.

learningBOX-Optional template settings-1

7. You can use the created template from the next time. Click Select Optional Settings. A list of optional templates will be displayed. Click Select to the right of the template you want to use. The template options will be displayed and you can continue to create questions.

learningBOX-Optional template setting-2