Editing texts

Edit the text in the quiz test creation form

LearningBOX's quiz creation form allows you to create quizzes easily by simply entering questions, answers and explanations according to the specified format. The form allows you to create quizzes according to your own preferences for various settings, such as editing text and setting the furigana for kanji characters.

This page describes the items that can be edited in the quiz test creation form, including how to edit text, set rubrics, underline, and insert tables.

change the text to bold

Please login to learningBOX and go to Content Management > Create Quiz/Test. Since this is a practice quiz, we will use this example of a correct/incorrect question.

Online Learning - Creating Learning Materials

Step 1: Select the text you want to change to bold, and click B in the red frame.

learningBOX-Editing text

Step 2: Click on B to make the text bolder, as shown below.

learningBOX-Bold text setting

furigana (kana over or beside kanji to indicate pronunciation)

If you want to add furigana to a kanji character, click on the Ruby button to set it.


Step 1: Select the character you want to apply furigana to, and click [Ruby].


Step 2: Input furigana in the frame of Ruby as shown below.

Step 3: Enter the furigana and click OK.



Select the text you want to underline, and click on the area surrounded by a red frame.


Enclose text in a BOX frame

Select the character you want to enclose, and click the red frame. The selected text will be surrounded by a BOX frame.

earningBOX-enclose in a box frame

Inserting a table

Click on the table in the red frame. Then select the number of squares in the table you want to create.

learningBOX-Insert a table