Changing font sizes, styles, colors

Changing the text size in the quiz/test creation form

The quiz and test creation form in learningBOX allows you to easily change the size, boldness and color of the text. If you need to make small changes or corrections to the text, the quiz and test creation form is very useful.

How to change or modify text using the Create Form

This time, since it's a practice, we'll use this correct/false (0×) question as an example.

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Changing the text size

Select the text you want to resize. Then click on Font Size to specify the size of the text.

learningBOX-change font size

If you specify the size, the font size will be larger.
learningBOX-How to change the font size

Change the color of the text

Select the text you want to change the color of.

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Click "Text Color" of "A" mark to change the color of the text.

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Change text to bold

Select the text you want to make bold.

learningBOX-To make text bold

The selected text will be changed to bold.
learningBOX-bold text