Inserting images, sounds, movies and web-links

How to use the quiz and test creation form

The quiz and test creation form in learningBOX allows you to set images in the question text, answer and explanation fields, and to insert links and audio files.

The creation form can be used to create quizzes easily by following the specified format and entering text in the question, answer and explanation fields. In this page, we will show you how to insert images and set up links using the creation form.

Change the zoom in and out of the input form screen.

When you are creating a quiz with a creation form, sometimes the text becomes long and the review process becomes difficult. In such cases, it is recommended to edit the input screen of the creation form by widening or shrinking it.

Drag the red box at the bottom right of the input form.
Online Learning - Quiz Creation Form

You can change the size of the screen as you like by dragging the red frame. Pull down to make the screen wider, and pull up to make the screen smaller.

Inserting an image

To insert an image using the quiz creation form, click on the icon in the red frame below.

Click on the camera icon to upload the image you want to insert.
learningBOX-Quiz - Inserting images

When the image is inserted, it will be displayed as shown below.
Quiz - Easy to create

Double-clicking on a dropped image will return you to the previous modal, where the image source and image size are automatically filled in. You can change the size of the image here.

Online Learning - How to Make a Quiz

If the inserted image becomes too small or too large, you can adjust the size by dragging both corners of the image.

Inserting a link

To insert a link, click on the icon in the red frame below.
learningBOX-Insert link

When you click on it, a modal will appear as shown in the image below. From the top, enter the URL of the link destination, the text of the link source, and finally click OK.

learningBOX - Setting up links

A link will be inserted. Click here to open the page of the link you set.
learningBOX - link to

Check the preview

The preview feature makes it easy to check that the quiz you are creating is displaying well.

Online learning box

Let's take a look at the preview of the quiz you made.
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