Create a memorization card

How to make a memorization card

This page explains how to make memorization cards. This page explains how to make and import text in Excel.
Click here to see how to make it with the creation form.

How to create with text

Memorization cards can be created with text files. Once you understand how to make them, you can easily make memorization cards even if you are not good at computer operations. You can make as many memorization cards as you like.

Here you will find a memorization card template. Please download this one and make your own memorization card.
Download the template (451 downloads)

Click here to see the template.

Monday Monday
Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday Thursday
Friday Friday
Saturday Saturday
Sunday Sunday

Click here for an explanation of the template.
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How to make it in Excel

Memorization cards can be created using spreadsheet software such as Excel. An Excel template can be downloaded here.
Download the template (391 downloads)

How to upload a memorized card

1. Login to learningBOX and click Content Management on the side menu bar. +Click the + button and go to Memorization cards ▷Uploading memorization cards.

Enter a title name and click the Select File button. Select the memorized card you created, and finally click the Save button to complete the settings.